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Our Technical Service Support (TSS)
In order to ensure customer's satisfaction from the point of delivery up till the filters due for change, we have developed the Technical Service Support (TSS) team by providing after sales services. The performance and life span of the filters are not only dependent on the quality of the filters but other uncontrollable external factors like environmental changes and air quality may have adverse effects on the performance of the filters. Hence, we develop this team to ensure collaboration between the customer's end-users and ourselves by collecting data and performing analysis to alert end-users of any adverse changes.

Examples of services :
  • Collecting performance data from end-users and providing analysis from the data collected.
  • Providing technical advice/inspection
  • Providing training for station parameter/surrounding and propose them most suitable filter to be used.
Awards, Certifications & Achievements
UKAS AwardMPC Award TNB Award 2007TNB Award 2008 PGB Award 2008PGB Award 2008