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Cyclone Separator
~ Cyclone separators are used to separate contaminants and other particles out of fluids.
~ Cyclone separator commonly used in separating 10-micron rock dust and above.
~ Cyclone separators can be used for fuel power plants, petroleum refineries, and incinerators.
~ Simple design makes them fairly inexpensive and easy to control by either changing the pressure or diameter of the underflow.

~ Cyclone separators or hydrocyclones are gas or liquid cleaning devices.
~ The slurry mixture to be cleaned is sent into the separator so that the mixture
moves in a circular pattern around the separator.
~ Centrifugal force created by this spinning stream forces heavier particles to the outer edges, while lighter particles remain in the carrier material.
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Product Code
940 406 CA01VF02XU
1016 406 CA01VF03AQ
1067 508 CA02AH03DG
1067 610 CA02FK03DG
1245 610 CA02FK03NE
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UKAS AwardMPC Award TNB Award 2007TNB Award 2008 PGB Award 2008PGB Award 2008