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MAF Sand Louver
MAF Sand Louvers provide air intake sand storm protection and ensure the air intake system is protected from sand particles. The units offer reliability and durability to withstand the full range ambient conditions. Double layer of sand louver vertical blade design provides low pressure drop, sand particles are trapped in the blade and discharged through the face at the bottom of the louver. This special sand louver is custom made fabrication and material construction is stainless steel.

The MAF Sand Louvers are design to provide effective intake sand storm protection. Sand storm is easily eliminated to protect downstream filters, ductwork and equipment. Potential for air bypass is eliminated MAF Sand Louver mounting, combined with the housing design and insures that 100% of the air flow remains in design air path.

This custom made high efficiency sand repellent system is designed to provide intake weather protection from dust or sand storm and very suitable to use at Middle East. The design is to meet the requirements of gas turbine, compressor and engine application where inlet air protection is critical.

Vanes Material : Stainless Steel 316 1.0mm thickness (custom)
Frame Material : Stainless Steel 316 3.0mm thickness (custom)

* The filter house will consist of a few units of sand louver to accomodate the air flow required
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Product Code
20000 1550 150 SA04CJ01HJ03CJ
30000 2050 150 SA05CJ01HJ04CJ
576000 2550 150 SA06CJ01HJ04CJ
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UKAS AwardMPC Award TNB Award 2007TNB Award 2008 PGB Award 2008PGB Award 2008