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Filter House
It is designed for both offshore power generation compression and oil & gas industries.

Design in accordance to standard and specification to meet customer requirements and enviromental conditions.

CFD simulation is carried out to determine the airflow and turbulence condition inside the filter house and stress calculation.

Working collaboration with local university for third party certification.

Our weather louver design and construction is guaranteed in preventing moisture and rainwater ingression up to 95% into the air inlet system with the special designed of weather louver vanes.


Conventional Air Intake Filter Housing is designed to clean combustion of gas turbines and compressors located in rural, urban or industrial environments.

In extremely dusty environments the pulse jet self cleaning system allows full continuous operation at a low stable pressure drop.

Offshore Filter Systems are designed to clean combustion and ventilation air on fixed and floating platform installations.
Standard Product

Product Code
4218 2788 1520 20000 FA09LS06PH04BUC2
1976 3775 4788 30000 FA04YQ08OP10PHP2
1976 3775 4986 36000 FA04YQ08OP10ZFP2
3845 3055 1750 40000 FA08SE07CP04NKC2
3810 10670 7201 90000 FA08QK23JK16LAP2
Awards, Certifications & Achievements
UKAS AwardMPC Award TNB Award 2007TNB Award 2008 PGB Award 2008PGB Award 2008