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Engineering Products
FGCS is designed to remove small amounts of moisture, liquid mists and particulate contaminants in the form of gas, solid and liquid from the fuel gas system and superheat the fuel gas up to certain temperature based on the gas turbine requirement parameters.
MAF Sand Louvers provide air intake sand storm protection and ensure the air intake system is protected from sand particles. The units offer reliability and durability to withstand the full range ambient conditions. Double layer of sand louver vertical blade design provides low pressure drop, sand particles are trapped in the blade and discharged through the face at the bottom of the louver. This special sand louver is custom made fabrication and material construction is stainless steel.
~ Cyclone separators are used to separate contaminants and other particles out of fluids.
~ Cyclone separator commonly used in separating 10-micron rock dust and above.
~ Cyclone separators can be used for fuel power plants, petroleum refineries, and incinerators.
~ Simple design makes them fairly inexpensive and easy to control by either changing the pressure or diameter of the underflow.
Guide waste exhaust gases away from a control combustion inside an engine or stove with an internal combustion engine it is usually part of an exhaust system.
Any device containing one or more bellows used to absorb dimensional changes, such as those caused by thermal expansion or contraction of a pipeline, duct, or vessel.

Frame and Flange material : Stainless Steel 316L

Fabric Media : Custom made based on customer requirement
It is designed for both offshore power generation compression and oil & gas industries.

Design in accordance to standard and specification to meet customer requirements and enviromental conditions.

CFD simulation is carried out to determine the airflow and turbulence condition inside the filter house and stress calculation.

Working collaboration with local university for third party certification.

Our weather louver design and construction is guaranteed in preventing moisture and rainwater ingression up to 95% into the air inlet system with the special designed of weather louver vanes.

MAF Filter Vessel consists of details as below;

Pressure vessel-equip with proper leg/lug support

Name plate and support bracket

Vessel (16' OD)-type 304 SS

Bolt & nut closure and davit arm opener

Pressure rating that complies with operating condition

6' flange inlet and outlet

Design Approval from JKKP

MAF filter vessel fit with MAF High Pressure Filter element

MAF High Pressure Filter cartridges are of pleated design, supported internally by a steel core and protected externally by steel end caps, and positive sealing via an internal O-ring with 10 micron rating
Air conditioning filtration system ducting.

Come with various sizes to suit specific application.

Manufactured with 6 layers stainless steel pleated mesh.
Reducing excessive noise generated by high velocity, high pressure gas vent and blow offs.
Manufacture based on the requirement to fit your special needs with specific application.

Material in used perforated stainless stell 304,316,316L and etc.

Available in all materials sizes from 37% until 52% opening area depending on the micron size required.

The design and contruction of this system is to eliminate rain water droplets from entering the air inlet system of the Filter Housing, so as not to block the air passage at dwonstream of both filtration stages to the turbines air inlet ducting and the turbines blades and etc.

The ingression of rain water droplets will be blocked at the louver vanes and coused it to drain at the bottom of the vanes through a drainage pipes. In doing so, only cool air is passed through the air filtration dwonstream.The installation of the weather louver shall also reduce the size of the filter housing where the installation of rain hood is not necessary.

Awards, Certifications & Achievements
UKAS AwardMPC Award TNB Award 2007TNB Award 2008 PGB Award 2008PGB Award 2008