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Air Filter (Coarse)
These are pre-filters for our Airpak high efficiency fine filters. These filters greatly improve the dust holding capacity of the overall filtration system. In addition, these filters prolong the life of Airpak high efficiency fine filters if used as a set.

Type : Medium efficiency pocket filter
Filter media : 100% polyester fibers
Frame : Stainless steel
There are pre-filter with 92% dust weight arrestance. The non-woven synthetic media is made of polyester. The pre filter has a progressive density construction media that will enhance its dirt holding capacity ensuring longer filter life. Hence, maintaining its lowest cost over the life of the filter.
The glass fiber filter pads are disposable. The Malglass is coated with oil and has high tensile strength for better dust retaining purpose.

Type: Medium efficiency
Media: Pure glass fiber

They are made up of die-cut moisture resistance beverage board frame and high loft blended media designed for optimum dust holding capacity.

Media: Non-woven polyester & cotton blend media

Wire mesh: Galvanized wire mesh (expended metal)

Frame: Die cut beverage board frame
These are pre-filter with 92% arrestance. The non-woven synthetic media is reinforced with galvanized iron wire mesh and pleated for extended filter area.

Media: Polyester fiber

Face guard: Wire mesh (downstream)

Frame: Galvanized steel
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