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MAF Wound Filter
The Wound filters are manufactured using a high speed, continuous wind process which creates a superior one-piece filter with hundreds of diamond shaped tunnels that get progressively smaller from the outer diameter to the core. Finer particles are progressively trapped as fluid travels to the center of the filter allowing for a much greater retention capacity than straight surface filter media of the same dimensions and porosity.

Our Added Value

SAMS manufacture its product which is simple, low cost, effective technology for filtering a variety of contaminants from water, chemical, oil, and other fluids. The Wound filters are among the most common type of liquid filter used throughout the world and the best choice among bio-diesel users.

The Unique Function

The Wound filter, named for its superior dirt trapping ability, is made from long fibers formed into a string. A unique winding process creates spaces between the strings which become progressively smaller approaching the cartridge core. The contaminant is trapped not only on the cartridge surface, but throughout its depth. A rigid support core of either molded polypropylene, tin plated steel or stainless steel is used to stabilize the wound structure and prevent string migration. The core material is selected to be compatible with the string fiber media and the fluid being filtered.
Awards, Certifications & Achievements
UKAS AwardMPC Award TNB Award 2007TNB Award 2008 PGB Award 2008PGB Award 2008